Theory group
A good theoretical foundation adds undeniable strength to any computing paradigm. We investigate the theoretical boundaries of the computation problems in Information Technology and Computer Science. Our projects are collaborative by nature and we work with the other groups at IIIT-Delhi on various projects.
Designing algorithms for the emerging computation problems, which have characteristics like inaccurate data, acceptance of approximate solutions, huge sized data, requirement of fast response time, requirement of robustness & implications on privacy and security.
Cryptanalysis of stream ciphers, block ciphers & hash functions. Design of lighweight cryptographic primitives. Research & development of practice oriented cryptography.
Investigate Quantum Circuit as a model of computation. Designing new quantum algorithms and quantum cryptographic protocols.

Faculty Members

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Some of our research interests are:

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T-Talks is an informal meeting for all members of IIIT-D interested in theoretical aspect of computer science and its application.

We meet once a week with tea (or coffee) and high interest to learn and discuss something new. Basis of this can be a presentation by any of the T-Talks members (about current work or interest, a conference paper, a student's project, etc). It is also possible to read a paper or book together, where each week one person is (better) prepared and takes the lead. Presentations should be such that all members get out something of it (including first year students). Unless otherwise specified, we meet in the ground floor glassroom near cafeteria during 1-2pm.

Schedule for 2013 Winter Semester: