WhoIsIt (WIT) Face Database

The list of URLs is compiled in a text file along with a tool to download the images present at these URLs. The tool will download the images and store them at the specified location.
  • Text file containing the URLs
  • Tool to download the images

  • To obtain the password for the compressed file, email the duly filled license agreement to anushs@iiitd.ac.in with the subject line "License agreement for IIIT-Delhi's WhoIsIt Database".
    NOTE: The license agreement has to be signed by faculty members or equivalent. It is not possible to accept license agreements signed by students and temporary researchers

    This database is available only for research and educational purpose and not for any commercial use. If you use the database in any publications or reports, you must refer to the following paper:
  • M. Singh, S. Nagpal, R. Singh, and M. Vatsa, On Recognizing Face Images with Weight and Age Variations, Access, IEEE, vol.2, pp.822,830, 2014.

  • Disclaimer: The images in the WhoIsIt database are downloaded from the internet and some of the images on different websites seem to have been taken down. We are providing links for similar images for the same. We have figured out multiple cases with such an issue. If you come across some other cases as well, kindly report it to us. The text file containing the alternate link can be found here.