Welcome to IMDA research group

The IMDA group at IIITD focuses on the following topics:

  • Data Management for emerging Mobile-P2P applications
  • Data Mining and Analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Multi-dimensional and large-scale data indexing
  • Data privacy and access control
  • Cloud computing
  • Knowledge management in software engineering 
  • Business intelligence

Brief overview of research areas

In the mobile-P2P domain, our focus is on performing effective data management in Mobile-P2P application scenarios and creating mobile-P2P-style applications such as a futuristic mobile eBay trading platform. In data mining and analytics, we work on predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, software engineering data mining and patent data mining. In the realm of multi-dimensional and large-scale data indexing, we are researching new indexing techniques for complex multi-dimensional database queries. In the data privacy area, we will work on designing efficient algorithms to determine probable attackers in post-violation scenarios, the design of audit query languages as well as the design of audit trail repositories. We will also examine security issues in cloud computing. In the business intelligence area, we will focus on developing new techniques for effective information integration with the aim of facilitating timely and effective business decision-making.